Examples of Work


Hospice Yukon and Many Rivers
Have done board training on Policy Governance for both of these organizations.

Yukon Women in Music
Facilitated one-day board retreat with YWIM. The day focused on learning about board roles and responsibilities and on strategic planning.

Chief & Council Training & Orientation
Outlined options for CYFN's Self-Government Secretariat on how it might support orientation and training of leaders and staff of Yukon First Nations. In second phase, ENGAGE developed framework orientation binders for Chief and Councils.

Implementing Best Practices in Volunteer Management: An Action Planning Guide
Wrote and designed a guide for small and rural non-profit organizations. View PDF

Simple Steps
Co-delivered two workshops for the Yukon Literacy Coalition on how to plan and write proposals for community literacy projects. Wrote a new handbook, Simple Steps.

Climate Change backgrounders
Wrote a series of 17 educational backgrounders for northern high school students. View on Climate Change North website

Training & Coaching

Effective training and coaching fosters confidence and sparks the desire to learn more!

ENGAGE designs workshops and courses that focus on applied, experiential and interactive activities that get people fully involved in their own learning.

In coaching situations, ENGAGE helps people identify their existing skills and strengths, define their challenges and develop practical approaches for moving forward that suit their life and personal style.

Why work with ENGAGE?

Participatory Learning
ENGAGE believes in getting people involved fully in their own learning. Training activities are participatory and use applied learning approaches.

Learner/client centred
Using various coaching and training techniques, ENGAGE helps people identify and build on their own strengths. This builds ownership of the outcomes and the confidence to tackle future issues.

Integration of theory and practice
Jenn Ellis of ENGAGE has a Masters of Adult Education, a certificate in Executive Coaching and years of practical experience in designing and implementing approaches that support the development of people’s skills and knowledge.

Tailoured approaches
ENGAGE understands every training and coaching initiative is unique and requires careful design. There is no cookie-cutter approach to meeting people’s desired learning or coaching outcomes.