Message Mapping

Whether you are a business selling a product, a government or non-profit providing a service or a campaign advocating for create change, how you describe what you sell, do or act on should be clear and consistent. Staff and volunteers at all levels should all be able to represent the scope of  your work in a very short, concise blurb.

I came across this short video from Forbes that provides a potential tool you can use to help you focus on what you would say to people about your work — in 15 seconds.

Although it uses a business example, any organization should be able go through a mapping exercise to help focus on what is important about your organization.

In one sentence, how would you describe the core of what you do, why you exist? If you have a concise mission statement, that will help you figure out what to put in the main bubble.

Then you can add the other balloons that add a little more detail, 3-4 points, that adds a little more depth about your work that is important for your audience (your clients, supporters, funders, partners, etc) to know.

All types of organizations need a ‘pitch’ to help people quickly understand what they do. Try going through the mapping process as a group, or have each person first create their own map and then share the results. The ideas that get repeated will point you in the right direction.

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