Tahltan 'Welcome Home' Booklet Released

The Welcome Home gathering was hosted by the Tahltan Band Council in 2013. This booklet strives to capture the spirit and highlights of the event. (Click on image to view booklet.)

Last summer I was very fortunate to be invited to a “Welcome Home” celebration hosted by the Tahltan Band Council in Telegraph Creek, […]

Message Mapping

Whether you are a business selling a product, a government or non-profit providing a service or a campaign advocating for create change, how you describe what you sell, do or act on should be clear and consistent. Staff and volunteers at all levels should all be able to represent the scope of your work in […]

What kind of person would your group be?

What is the personality of your organization? Would you describe it as hip, trendy and creative? Polite, professional and well-educated? Nurturing and compassionate, yet also assertive?

Your group’s personality is your brand. And it should be consistent with what you are trying to accomplish!

Branding is important to non-profit success

Branding is often associated with […]

Final Stepping Stones: Structure, Practice, and Harvest

In two previous postings, I began discussing “The Chaordic Stepping Stones” developed by Chris Corrigan. I described the six of nine stepping stones: need; purpose; principles; people; concept; and limiting beliefs.

This posting discusses the last three steps which offer the opportunity to start adding colour and texture to the general shape that has been […]