J.-Ellis-profile-(web)Jenn Ellis started ENGAGE based on her commitment to helping people discover, understand and communicate about issues important to their organizations and communities.

Jenn’s range of skills, experience and education helps her tailor her approach to meet the diverse needs of her clients.

On the education front, she has a degree in Communications, a Masters in Adult Education and a certificate in Executive Coaching. She is a life-long learner who loves taking courses such as the Art of Facilitation, Art of Hosting, Photoshop, Conflict Resolution, Social Marketing, and Creative Writing.

Jenn has over two decades of experience doing public education, facilitation and communications work with non-profit organizations, First Nations and other governments. She has sat on national and local volunteer boards, and worked for local, national and international non-profit organizations.

On both a personal and professional level, Jenn is committed to social justice, environmental conservation, and community-building initiatives.